About the CCC

The Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC”) is an independent commission established by the Rhode Island Cannabis Act of 2022 (the “Cannabis Act”), R.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.11-1 et seqGovernor Dan McKee signed into law the landmark legislation establishing the CCC on May 22, 2022 noting at the time that “this bill successfully incorporates our priorities of making sure cannabis legalization is equitable, controlled, and safe,” said Governor McKee. “In addition, it creates a process for the automatic expungement of past cannabis convictions. My Administration’s original legalization plan also included such a provision and I am thrilled that the Assembly recognized the importance of this particular issue. The end result is a win for our state both socially and economically."

Governor McKee nominated the three members of the Cannabis Control Commission on May 17, 2023.  The law requires the Rhode Island State Senate to give its advice and consent for each of these nominations. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard these nominations on June 6, 2023, and the full State Senate voted to confirm the Commissioners on June 13, 2023.

The CCC was created to oversee the regulation, licensing, enforcement and control of regulated adult use and medical cannabis in the State of Rhode Island, and is authorized to exercise all powers necessary for the implementation, administration and enforcement of cannabis regulation and policy for both adult use and medical cannabis in the state.  See R.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.11-2.  

The CCC operates as an independent state agency, see R.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.11-4 (j), and is presently in a transitional period, as set forth in the Cannabis Act.  See R.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.11-10.1.  Upon the final issuance of the CCC’s governing rules and regulations, all of the powers, duties and responsibilities related to the regulation, administration and enforcement of The Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act, see R.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.6-1 et seq., that are currently administered by other state agencies will be transferred to the CCC, which may designate duties and responsibilities to the newly formed Cannabis Office.  See R.I Gen. Laws § 21-28.11-10.1(g)(1).  

Until the CCC issues its final regulations, the Office of Cannabis Regulation (currently under the Department of Business Regulation) is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the current rules and regulations